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What Is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEE) means universal life energy or force. It is the power that flows through and indeed is the essence of all matter. it is the universal life energy and the spiritual wisdom that surrounds and and every one of us. 

Reiki is a Japanese word. The "Red" represents spirit, soul and boundless individual energy. The Japanese "Ki" is the same as the Chinese "chi" and Hindu "prana"

Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system, it is not magic, voodoo, hoodoo or hocus-pocus. You do not become a which, priest or priestess. There are neither oaths nor secret handshakes.

The Meaning of these Include:

1. Force for healing

2. Breath Of Life

3. Glue between mind, body, and spirit

4. Vital life force energy, which flows through every living being and thing

5. The mind-body power associated with blood and breath

6. Life Energy

Reiki has been around for thousands of years. Its current form was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, whom through determination for healing and a profound spiritual experienced what we now know as Reiki. He also reportedly taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime. The practice spread to the U.S. through Hawaii in the 1940s, and then to Europe in the 1980s.

Evidence of healing with energy, which flows through the hand is found in the Egyptian Pyramids. As part of his search for a method of healing the sick. Dr. Mikao Usui read about the keys to healing in Sanskrit sutras that were 2,500 year old. The Usui system of healing is the system to which we generally refer when we say Reiki. It is a very simple and effective form of natural healing which simply transfers the universal life energy too the recipient. It is a powerful yet gentle art of restoring and balancing natural energy to the recipient which promotes healing and wholeness of the Mind-Body-Spirit

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